The Brunswick Link is an affordable option to get around town without having to drive or rely on other methods of transportation.

Fares per BoardingPrice
Adults (ages 12-64)$2.00
Ages 65+*$1.00
Riders with Disabilities*$1.00
Ages 5-11 (with an adult)$1.00
Children Younger than 5 (with an adult)Free
All-Day Pass (available from the driver)$5.00

All Brunswick Link buses are accessible for riders with disabilities.

*Driver may ask for proof of eligibility (i.e., a Medicare card, a transit-issued half fare or ADA card, or a government-issued ID).

Please see the Half Fare Policy below.

Payment Methods Accepted

We still accept exact change for fares, but we also take credit and debit cards, our own SmartCommute pass, and major mobile pay apps! Now you can just chip/swipe/tap and go!

Accepted Payment Methods | Brunswick Link

WMTS SmartCommute Pass

The WMTS SmartCommute Pass is available from the Brunswick Link office at the Brunswick Station Visitor Center. The SmartCommute Pass allows riders to load and reload up to $150 to pay Brunswick Link fares. For any amount of $50 or more loaded on the pass, a 10% discount is applied. Please call ahead at 207-721-9600.

WMTS SmartCommute Pass

Half Fare Policy

Eligibility to ride for half fare on the Brunswick Link is determined by a rider’s age or disability. Any riders ages 65 and older, riders ages 5-11 riding with an adult, or riders with disabilities, are eligible. A Brunswick Link driver may request proof of eligibility for half fare. Acceptable proof includes, but may not be limited to, a Medicare card (covers age and, in some cases, disability), an ADA/Americans with Disabilities Act card issued by any transit provider (covers disability), a half fare eligibility card issued by any transit provider (covers either age or disability), or a state or federal government-issued identification, such as a state ID, REAL ID, driver’s license, passport card or passport (covers age). As a convenience, Brunswick Link drivers will be able to provide Half Fare Eligibility Cards to riders who have provided any of the above-listed proof of eligibility. Riders granted these cards must write their names on their card and sign their card before use. These cards are non-transferable and have no cash value. Cards may be seized, and eligibility to ride at half fare lost, if the card is used fraudulently.