Rider Information

Bicycles are Welcome!

The Brunswick Link is committed to reducing our carbon footprint, just like you! If you travel to and from your stop on your bicycle, we are happy to offer the use of our bike racks on the front of the bus. Most buses used for the Brunswick Link bus have the capacity to carry up to 2 bicycles, at no additional charge, on a first-come-first-served basis. Detachable accessories must be brought aboard the bus. The rack is designed to be as universal as possible, however, some bikes may not fit. Rider assumes all liability for loading, securing, unloading, theft or damage of their bicycle. For safety, please load from the front or curb side of the bus.

Service Rules

  • All times are for departures
  • All times are cell phone based
  • Riders must be ready for the bus to arrive
  • Bus may run late depending on conditions
  • Seatbelt and child seat use is required by law
  • All fines apply to riders
  • No standing while the bus is in motion
  • No open food or beverages
  • No smoking or vaping
  • No weapons or dangerous goods
  • Electronics must not bother other riders
  • No abusive, threatening, or obscene language
  • No lewd gestures or uncivil behavior
  • Shirts and footwear must be worn
  • Objects must not be thrown from the bus window
  • No operation or tampering with any vehicle equipment
  • Packages must be carried on in one trip
  • Small shopping carts are permitted and must be secured according to driver’s instructions
  • Packages must be secured safely at the rider’s seat or at a location specified by the driver
  • Packages may not be left on the bus
  • Only trained service animals under control of the rider, or small pets in carriers, are permitted

Public Wi-Fi Policy & Warnings

  • Not for critical or confidential data
  • Only “family-friendly” video or images allowed

Half Fare Policy

Eligibility to ride for half fare on the Brunswick Link is determined by a rider’s age or disability. Any riders ages 65 and older, riders ages 5-11 riding with an adult, or riders with disabilities, are eligible. A Brunswick Link driver may request proof of eligibility for half fare. Acceptable proof includes, but may not be limited to, a Medicare card (covers age and, in some cases, disability), an ADA/Americans with Disabilities Act card issued by any transit provider (covers disability), a half fare eligibility card issued by any transit provider (covers either age or disability), or a state or federal government-issued identification, such as a state ID, REAL ID, driver’s license, passport card or passport (covers age). As a convenience, Brunswick Link drivers will be able to provide Half Fare Eligibility Cards to riders who have provided any of the above-listed proof of eligibility. Riders granted these cards must write their names on their card and sign their card before use. These cards are non-transferable and have no cash value. Cards may be seized, and eligibility to ride at half fare lost, if the card is used fraudulently.